I was willing to accept what I couldn't change.

I was willing to accept what I couldn’t change.

By seeing this quote, “I was willing to accept what I couldn’t change.” Let’s have a metaphorical story, shall we?

It was a sea whose water was pitch black. It was so black that people living near it hadn’t even realized that there was a sea present near them. The sea was always quiet; no waves, no tides, no life. The sea and the people living nearby co-existed, without even knowing about each-other’s existence.

One day though, things changed.

People saw some activity in the sea. It had never happened before, and all they could percieve was the slight disorientation in the atmosphere and nothing else. Curiosity took them over, and they took out their fishing rods. They casted their lines in the air, hoping to catch whatever has been disturbing the winds.

One of them, after an hour’s effort, caught something. Reeling the fishing line back in, he realized he had caught something unusual. Even though he was tugging the fishing line with all his might, he couldn’t reel it in. The funniest part though, was the fact that there was no resistance whatsoever from the other end.

Soon, many more people joined in to help the person. With their collective and relentless effort, they managed to finally pull out the object stuck in the fishing line.

It was a boy.

Taking pity on the boy, they took him in, cleaned and fed him and tried to become friends with him. The boy too, responded to their kindness by trying to talk to them. Except that he couldn’t.

The boy’s tongue was very different from the rest of the people of the town, and his voice thundered and boomed every time it came out. His voice carried a certain malice in it, and every letter of it spelt danger, or so thought the people of the city.

Gradually, they became terrified of the boy, and the boy of them. They stopped feeding him, and instead used him for manual labor. The boy accepted his new role calmly, and worked hard without question.

Days turned into months, and months into years. The boy toiled endlessly, without food or clothes. The people started forgetting about him, taking him to be a for granted convenience. The boy still tried speaking, but was immediately whipped whenever he tried doing so.

One day, the boy simply vanished. People panicked at the loss of their free labor, but they soon forgot about him and went back into their regular life.

The boy returned into the sea of darkness, again to be unseen by others.

Whew. That took time.

Now, for the relevance of the answer with the question.

The boy tried to fit in with the people who apparantly saved him from a darkness where he was all alone. His efforts however, were in vain, for he was much too different from those who were around him. In the end, he leaves for the darkness where he was before, accepting his loneliness.

And if you haven’t guessed already, I’m that boy, and my acceptance lies in the fact that I’ll always be a bit different from everyone else around me, and I could never change into something that they will accept, no matter how hard I try.

As for incidents, my story metaphorically covers it. If I decided to narrate an actual incidence, it won’t really do any justice to my answer. Besides, metaphors are cool, certainly cooler than the reality they mask.

So, yeah. I guess I might have given you guys a bit of a “Hoo boy another depressed kid!” moment. Don’t worry, I’m quite fine. If you wanna comment anything, just tell me if my story was sensible in its metaphorical way or not.

Thanks for reading (if you have). Have a good day. No really, I mean it. Have a good day :).

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