Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Real life incident: Be reasonable about your limits. You must acknowledge them in order to be realistic, but also be forgiving. Factor them into your planning, and eventually you will exceed them.Knowing, accepting and loving who you are is the first step in becoming who you can be.

Real Life example – Our exam results we expect to get without being aware of what knowledge we have in that particular subject
If you are a Computer Science student, then you you need to know certain programming languages to complete a project .Not all languages are easy! knowing weaknesses in areas will help you develop and build yourself(not only professionally but also personally) .Once you accept that limit, you can go beyond it with your hard-work and patience.

Example : Its similar to being aware of your weaknesses and your strengths.

Say for example, you are a table tennis player and you know that your weakness is not being able to hit smashes from your forehand, but you know that your backhand smashes are your strengths, so you will serve to your opponent only in a manner so that the ball comes to your backhand rather than your forehand.

Similarly, if you have accepted what is your strong and what is your weak point, you can always try to use your stronger attributes over weaker ones and keep on improving on your weaker ones!

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